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Amy Harbeck's Blog ‘How’s the market?’ This article provides true color about this sellers’ market and its far-reaching impacts! Want to buy a house on Cape Cod? Better hurry! The Cape’s housing inventory has hit a historic low. In March, 149 houses were for sale under $1 million. Two years ago, that number topped 1,000. What you are about to read will make no sense. Unless, that is, you are one of the tortured […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog 2022 Market Forecast and My 2021 Listings!
Amy Harbeck's Blog Things To Consider When Selling or Buying Your House Seller and Buyer Guides 2022 – Hot off the Press! Seller Guide: Buyer Guide:
Amy Harbeck's Blog Shifting Sands I received a sweet note from the seller of a Cape cottage I sold last summer. She was thanking me and sent this Boston Globe article she had saved years ago. Although the decision to sell was heart-wrenching, she was happy to report that they booked an oceanfront rental for this summer. This time they’ll […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog Experts Project Mortgage Rates Will Continue To Rise in 2022 Mortgage rates are one of several factors that impact how much you can afford if you’re buying a home. When rates are low, they help you get more house for your money. Within the last year, mortgage rates have hit the lowest point ever recorded, and they’ve hovered in the historic-low territory. But even over the past […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog 2021 digital edition of Around Cape Cod, the South Coast, and South Shore is here! Kinlin Grover Real Estate is pleased to release the 2021 digital edition of Around Cape Cod the South Coast and South Shore, jam-packed with local town/village information including photos, daytrip tips, demographics and statistics, plus a ten-year look at real estate trends in each town. Enjoy this guide to the beautiful Cape Cod!
Amy Harbeck's Blog ‘It’s mind-boggling’: On Cape Cod, soaring home prices create an unprecedented seller’s market The lead Boston Globe article today quotes me, one of my clients, and others as we try to articulate just how unprecedented the current market is on Cape Cod! Read at
Amy Harbeck's Blog Is This the Year to Sell My House? If one of the questions you’re asking yourself is, “Should I sell my house this year?” consumer sentiment about selling today should boost your confidence in the right direction. Even with the current health crisis that continues to challenge our nation, Americans still feel good about selling a house. Here’s why. According to the latest Home Purchase Sentiment […]
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Amy Harbeck's Blog To Renovate or Not To Renovate Before You Sell When thinking about selling, homeowners often feel they need to get their house ready with some remodeling to make it more appealing to buyers. However, with so many buyers competing for available homes right now, renovations may not be as vital as they would be in a more normal market. Here are two things to keep in […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog Keep, Toss or Ask: What Homeowners Can and Can’t Leave Behind When Selling Their Home Key insights When selling, it’s important not to burden the new owners by leaving behind items they didn’t ask for. Some items, like manuals, warranties and spare parts, can be left behind as a convenience to the new owners. When in doubt about what to leave behind, consult your REALTOR® who can provide an expert […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog Homeowners: Beware of the Knock on the Door
Amy Harbeck's Blog Luxury Market Outlook The real estate market is hot, but what about luxury markets now and in the future? Read the Luxury Portfolio International study of the world’s most affluent households at
Amy Harbeck's Blog 2020 Kinlin Grover Real Estate Awards Announced! Thanks to the trust and loyalty of my clients, I am happy to announce 4 company awards presented virtually to me last night. Of the 450+ agents, I ranked in the top 10 agents for production, was #3 for “Number of Units Sold,” and tied for 3rd place for “Most listings.” I also received the […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog 7 Key Trends Expected To Shape Real Estate in 2021     2021 will, we all hope, be the year we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, vaccinated and ready to resume some of the regular activities that we’ve had to do without for so long.  In terms of the real estate market, this will hopefully mean things like return to more in-person showings and more […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog Minimizing Risks During the Pandemic
Amy Harbeck's Blog Top 5 Reasons for Selling a Cape Cod Home
Amy Harbeck's Blog Cape Cod Holiday Lights Enjoy this Cape Cod holiday postcard and see below for a list of holiday light displays across the Cape. Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown Lobster Pot Tree, Provincetown Lighting Up Orleans Harwich Cultural Center Holiday Light Show Harwich Neighborhoods Christmas Lights Barnstable Festival of Lights Sandwich Giants Heritage Museum and Gardens Aglow, Sandwich
Amy Harbeck's Blog Real Estate Tsunami! Dear Friends, Where do I begin since I last wrote? For me, the summer raced by in a tsunami of real estate transactions! Quite frankly, I have never been so busy in my life! The frenzy of buyer activity I described last spring only increased this summer and broke records in Cape Cod real estate […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog If you had told me… Back in March, if anyone had said I would have 8 properties under contract by the end of May, I would never have believed it! But suddenly, the current real estate market on Cape Cod is HOT! Remember the opening of the flood gates the experts were talking about? It is happening way sooner than […]
Amy Harbeck's Blog Cape Cod Real Estate Update     Cape Cod Real Estate Update Hello, Hoping this finds you and yours well and comfortable. If you need a break from the news and are curious about what is happening in Cape Cod real estate, it has been a surprising week: Had 1 showing at my unoccupied listing. (The buyers’ agent used the […]