Amy Harbeck's Blog March 6, 2019

Cape Cod named in the Top 10!

Barnstable Town

Cape Cod Ranked the 8th Fastest Growing Retirement Area!

The Cape has been a favorite retirement destination for years and the number of retirees is growing. What I find remarkable is the number of those retirees who are have had remarkable careers elsewhere and then bring their dynamism to enrich our Cape communities in so many ways! Their ideas and energy are the key to keeping this special island green, interesting, and welcoming!

“The white sandy beaches of Cape Cod (part of the Barnstable Town metro) have long been prized vacation refuges for New Yorkers and Bostonians looking for a getaway. But in recent years, there’s been an influx of retirees moving in—or, perhaps more accurately, back. Many of these folks spent their working careers vacationing here and now want to live out their golden years here full-time.

“[That familiarity] makes it easier to sell that big house in the suburbs and buy a smaller home in a beach destination like Cape Cod,” says Chuck Tuttle, a broker associate at Kinlin Grover Real Estate.

Barnstable Town tends to attract more affluent retirees who buy summer homes and then head to Florida for the winter. In recent years, when stocks hit record highs, more of these folks cashed in and bought second homes here. Indeed, 40% of all homes here are secondary residences.”

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