Proposed Tax Reform Impact on Homeownership


The new tax reform legislation proposes changes that could have serious impacts on homeowners! This article from the Washington Report outlines the changes proposed by the Senate.

If you would like more information or help sending a message to Congress, check out for more information!


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Knotty Pine Makeover

Buying a home with knotty pine? 

Knotty pine and wood paneling, as most everybody knows, was very popular in the mid-20th century. There doesn’t seem to be too much history on the reason it was such a hit, other than it was inexpensive, easy to DIY, and durable. Even though earthy, wood-tones seem to be making a comeback, we see it in the form of darker stained kitchen cabinets or counter tops, or thanks to the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, sometimes unfinished, horizontally arranged ship lap.

These designs remind us of visiting our grandparents, where there homes were compartmentalized and seemingly small for our open-floor-plan, modern taste. Wide-width plank knotty pine flooring is also a sought after feature in homes, but wood paneling and kitchen cabinets are usually the first to go! While there are a few homeowners out there, like this knotty-pine-fan blogger, there are many more blog’s that give advice, tips, and how-to’s on getting rid of that mid-century look. Here are a couple options if you are looking to bring your knotty pine into the 21st century:

Painting is usually a first choice for lightening the dark tones of knotty pine. This method can be tedious if there are a lot of knots, but the results are gorgeous!
Image result for before and after painting knotty pine walls

Whitewashing or Pickling
If you like the look and texture of knots, this method is for you! It will give your walls more of a Cape Cod cottage-like feel instead of a woodsy cabin.

Image result for pickled knotty pine

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4th of July on Cape Cod

One of the best times of the summertime is 4th of July. But getting to watch the many fireworks displays and having some hometown fun at a patriotic parade on Cape Cod is a real treat! What’s better than getting together with friends and family for some 4th of July fun with a gorgeous beach view? Here are this years’ Independence Day celebrations:

July 2nd
Pancake Breakfast at Orleans Fire Department 
7:00am – 11:00am 
Rock Harbor, Orleans
Fireworks at Dusk

July 4th
Wellfleet Town Pier
9:30am Antique Car Show
10:00am Parade
Orleans Parade 
Shawme Pond, Sandwich
9:00pm Boat ParadeFireworks at Dusk:
Falmouth Heights Beach
Lewis Bay, Hyannis
MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown

July 8th
12:30pm Chatham Boat Parade
Stage Harbor – Oyster Pond Beach
Thanks to for the event information, please check there for updates and rain dates. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Support Farmers’ Markets

2017 Farmers’ Markets Schedule

The summer has finally started to show itself and that means farmers’ markets season! As Cape Cod starts to bustle with visitors and seasonal businesses start to open, our friends at all the local farmers markets gear up for a busy couple of months.

Did you know there are farmers markets open every day all over Cape Cod? You can get farm fresh, local produce from Bourne all the way to Provincetown. And if you’re in the mood for a little more fun, you can check out Farmers’ Market Meets Happy Hour over at Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis.

PLUS, the Brewster Historical Society will be hosting a farmers’ market at Drummer Boy Park on Sundays this summer! Check out the vendors they have lined up!

Click to read the Top 5 Reasons to Support Farmers’ Markets over at and be sure to visit for updates on your favorite farmers’ market’s schedule. 

Local real estate is also ripe for the picking… it’s time to buy or sell before interest rates climb higher!  Please call or write to explore your options! Enjoy the harvest! 

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Want to sell, but need a new septic?









The dreaded news of a failed septic can paralyze Cape Cod property sellers just when they think they are ready to list. Some say, “I’ll just let the buyers take care of it,” but very few buyers are willing to consider a property that needs a new septic. Buyers worry that even with an estimate of the cost, they could be surprised with additional costs–like finding a huge boulder right where the new leaching field is suppose to go!  But a seller has options! Even if strapped for cash, Barnstable County has a special loan program that can cover the cost until closing. If the property is already under contract, some engineers and septic installers will do the work and get paid at closing. The first step is to have the engineering done right away, since that can be the slowest part of the process, and then put the plan out for bid with installers. Instead of an obstacle, the new septic becomes a very desirable feature for eager buyers!  Feel free to call for more tips and guidance!

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Should I wait until spring to list my Cape Cod real estate?

NO, LIST NOW!  Cold winds are blowing over the beaches, snack shacks are closed, and the boats are shrink-wrapped at the marinas, but the buyers are here–whether in person or on line!  You would think real estate would be dead this time of year, but I had several showings this week and I put a condo under contract after multiple offers!  Buyers are eager to buy before interest rates rise further, but there are very few listings to pick from right now.  Some buyers would also rather buy a vacation home now instead of book another rental for this summer.  It’s a sellers’ market!  So if you are thinking about listing your Cape Cod real estate, call or write now.  Now is the time!


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