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I had to share this email I received from Ken Estridge this morning. Ken Estridge is a Certified Executive Coach & Business Growth Expert, Author & Speaker out of Boston, MA. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Click here to visit Ken’s blog for more inspiring content!


Kindness Never Goes Out of Style

“In these days of too much to do with work pressures and family pressures, there are many ways to tune out with phones, computers, alcohol or drugs.

The world often seems to be a dark place with more conflict at home and abroad than I can remember. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to remember what it means to just Be Human, have an open heart and most of all, Be Kind.

When I was young, my Dad used to tell me to do at least one good deed a day. That deed could be small or big. The important thing was to look for a way to add positive energy to the world, be kind and make a difference. The most magical moments often start with a smile. I have never forgotten his words and still hear his voice in my head around this teaching every day.

During this season of holiday celebration, my gift to you is to remember the best gifts are human connection, being present and really seeing and hearing the people around you. This holiday season light up the world with your smile. And, most of all, BE KIND. “

By Ken Estridge

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2019 Cape Cod Farmers’ Markets

Time to buy at local Cape Cod Farmers’ Markets!

Find their schedules, websites/social media, and special events here courtesy of Amy Harbeck!


Brewster Historical Society Farmers’ Market

Sundays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

51 Drummer Boy Road  Windmill Village at Drummer Boy Park

June 23rd – September 8th (No market on September 1st)

Harvest Market Sunday

October 13th 10 am – 2 pm


Truro Farmers’ Market

Mondays 8 am – 12 noon

20 Truro Center Road

June 3rd – August 26th



Sandwich Farmers’ Market

Tuesdays 9 am – 1 pm

164 Route 6A on the Village Green

June 18th – October 8th



Chatham Farmers’ Market

Tuesdays 3 pm – 6 pm

1652 Main Street


Wellfleet Farmers’ Market

Wednesdays 8 am – 12 noon

200 Main Street

Pre-Thanksgiving Harvest Market

Preservation Hall, 335 Main Street
Sunday, November 24th



Bass River Farmers’ Market in South Yarmouth

Thursdays & Saturdays 9 am – 1:30 pm

311 Old Main Street

June 13th – September 5th



Harwich Farmers’ Market at Brook’s Academy

Thursdays 3 pm – 6 pm

80 Parallel Street

Mid June – Mid October


Falmouth Farmers’ Market

Thursdays 3 pm – 6 pm

180 Scranton Avenue    Marina Park, Falmouth Harbor

Mid June – Mid October




Osterville Historical Museum

Fridays 9 am – 1 pm

155 West Bay Road  at the corner of Parker and West Bay Road

June 21st – September 13th


Hyannis at Cape Cod Beer

Farmers Market Meets Happy Hour

Fridays 3 pm – 6 pm

1336 Phinney’s Lane

May 24th – September 13th





Bass River Farmers’ Market in South Yarmouth

Thursdays & Saturdays 9 am – 1:30 pm

311 Old Main Street

June 13th – September 5th


Orleans Winter Farmers’ Market – In-Door

Saturdays 9 am – 12 noon

70 Route 28 at Nauset Regional Middle School Cafeteria

December – April 27th

Orleans Summer Farmers’ Market – Out-Door

Saturdays 8 am – 12 noon

21 Old Colony Way

May 11th – August 31st

Saturdays 9 am – 12 noon

September 7th – November 23rd


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It’s Cape Cod Baseball Season!

PSA Brewster Whitecaps & Stony Brook Elementary from Lower Cape TV on Vimeo

2019 Cape Cod Baseball League Season begins June 10th!

One of my favorite summertime activities is going to see a Cape Cod Baseball League game!

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Kinlin Grover Real Estate Awards Night at Chatham Bars Inn!!

Always fun to celebrate our 2018 accomplishments with colleagues & friends! Kinlin Grover remains #1, selling more real estate than any other company on the Cape!
My personal awards included “Diamond Elite” for customer service plus these production rankings:
#2 KG agent for number of transactions
#3 KG agent for number of properties listed
#8 KG agent for $ volume
Among the 2,254 members of the Cape & Islands Association of RealtorsⓇ, my ranking for transactions in 2018 was #14.
Thanks to my loyal clients, 2019 is off to a great start as well!

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Housing Options for Seniors


The Cape and Island’s NPR station (WCAI) addressed an important issue this morning!

“As we grow older, our housing needs change. There could be a need to downsize, eliminate stairs, or enter assisted living. Others might want to age in place or reduce their housing costs. They discuss different housing options, plus new zoning bylaws that might allow for accessory apartments that could create housing or rental options for seniors. Guests on the program are: Hadley Luddy, Executive Director of the Homeless Prevention Council; and Holly Bellebuono, CH, MPA, Executive Coordinator for Healthy Aging Martha’s Vineyard.”

Listen to the full report here on the WCAI website



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Cape Cod named in the Top 10!

Barnstable Town

Cape Cod Ranked the 8th Fastest Growing Retirement Area!

The Cape has been a favorite retirement destination for years and the number of retirees is growing. What I find remarkable is the number of those retirees who are have had remarkable careers elsewhere and then bring their dynamism to enrich our Cape communities in so many ways! Their ideas and energy are the key to keeping this special island green, interesting, and welcoming!

“The white sandy beaches of Cape Cod (part of the Barnstable Town metro) have long been prized vacation refuges for New Yorkers and Bostonians looking for a getaway. But in recent years, there’s been an influx of retirees moving in—or, perhaps more accurately, back. Many of these folks spent their working careers vacationing here and now want to live out their golden years here full-time.

“[That familiarity] makes it easier to sell that big house in the suburbs and buy a smaller home in a beach destination like Cape Cod,” says Chuck Tuttle, a broker associate at Kinlin Grover Real Estate.

Barnstable Town tends to attract more affluent retirees who buy summer homes and then head to Florida for the winter. In recent years, when stocks hit record highs, more of these folks cashed in and bought second homes here. Indeed, 40% of all homes here are secondary residences.”

Click here to read more about the fastest growing retirement towns according to!





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Moving? How about the house itself!


It is amazing how many antique homes we show that were moved to the Cape from Nantucket in olden days! One of my favorite programs on WCAI radio is A Cape Cod Notebook. Last week, commentator Mary Bergman talked about how antique homes get moved quite often on Nantucket. You can listen to  her segment here.


“When you live 30 miles out to sea, many things get reused, redistributed and shifted around. I once heard an antique dealer on Nantucket say he’d sold the same scrimshawed whale’s tooth three separate times. The buyers kept departing, one way or another, but the antiques remained.


Houses here are sometimes sold completely furnished–it’s easier than trying to take everything with you when you move off-island. I’ve benefited immensely from countless estate sales, or even the occasional end table left waiting for me on the side of the road. I don’t think there is a single thing in my house that didn’t come from somebody else. Even my cat was salvaged, after being returned to the animal shelter…twice.

But the most ambitious thing Nantucketers reuse are houses. You’ll see houses advertised for sale–for $1– in the paper. All you have to do is move it. These are houses that are often in good shape, but don’t suit the tastes of the new owners. I wonder how many of these houses in motion began their lives as somebody’s dream house. All you have to do is watch the real estate market and the demolition requests to know that one man’s treasure is another’s trash. 

Now that fall is here and the traffic, such that it is, has died down, it’s not unusual to turn down Milestone or Madaket Road and find yourself stuck behind one half of a house, slowly chugging along. It’d be inconvenient if it wasn’t so impressive. It doesn’t matter how many times I see a house move, I still find it fantastic. Something out of a dream.

So many of the houses look the same out here, the same weathered grey shingles, the same white trim. There are stories of summer renters who, coming home in the fog, can’t tell the difference between this house or that house and end up in the wrong one. When a house is moved, sliced in half or thirds and jacked up in the air, curtains still billowing in the windows, it’s finally set apart from all the other earth-bound dwellings, elevated. 

We have more house moves than any town in the state. If you are late to work, it’s a perfectly acceptable excuse to say you were stuck behind a house. They always seem to be on the move when you have somewhere you have to be.

It’s not just the houses that are moving–the very sand under our feet is, too. You can look at time-lapse photos of the sand as it moves around the coastline like a conveyor belt, watch Esther Island as it detaches and reattaches to the western shore. There are some parts of the island growing larger–where the sand is deposited–and other places where the sand is only being taken. The dream houses built along those unlucky stretches of coastline will have to be moved sooner or later, too. Those house movings are less novel. They’re more like a solemn march made in desperation,  retreating away from the receding shore. 

Sometimes I forget there are places other than here, places where you build a house and it stays put. “



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Keep Cozy with the Art of Hygge

Hygge: 6 Ways To Embrace The Danish Art Of Enjoying Everyday Life

From the 1st Choice Lending blog

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish term. It describes the feeling of coziness and contentment that one gets from enjoying the simple things in life, as well as the practice of cultivating them regularly.

What is hygge?

It’s common knowledge that the Danish are, statistically, among the happiest people on Earth. They regularly top the World Happiness Report, and the reason for this is widely speculated upon. (For example, they pay some of the highest taxes in the world, but most believe that contributes to a better society.) However, there’s one other element that’s been introduced into pop culture vernacular as well:
Hygge. Deriving from the sixteenth century Norwegian term “hugga,” which means “to comfort,” or “to console,” it is correlated with the English word for “hug.”
Even if you’ve never heard of Hygge before, you’ve certainly felt it. The meaning of Hygge is embodied in the sensation of cozying up with a warm cup of tea to read a book by the window while it rains. It’s lighting candles at night and enjoying a clean and cozy home. It’s gathering for a dimly lit dinner with friends, during which everyone laughs and enjoys one another’s company (yes, lighting is a huge part of Hygge, but we’ll get to that in a minute).
Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen released a book that helped launch the local term into global popularity. He argues that it’s the Danish ability to simply enjoy everyday life that makes them among the happiest people in the world. “What freedom is to Americans, Hygge is to Danes,” he said. In his work, he outlines exactly what the practice of Hygge entails, and how one can go about cultivating a happier, warmer, and more welcoming environment in which they and their loved ones cannot only live, but thrive. Here, some of the main ways to accomplish just that:

To read the full article click here:

 Hygge: To Embrace The Danish Art Of Enjoying Everyday

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5 Ways to have a Safe and Sound Home this Winter

5 Ways to Have a Safe and Sound Home This Winter

While our home chores this time of year tend to focus on fertilizing the lawn for next spring and battening down the hatches for energy savings, we should also be thinking about safety, especially for the seniors in our lives. Here are five steps to take, courtesy of Consumer Reports, to make your home a safe haven in the winter months.

  1. Prepare for ice. Reduce the risk of falls by stocking up now on snow melt, and putting a plan in place for shoveling. If no one at home is healthy enough to take on the shoveling chore, set up a standing arrangement with a snow-removal service or a neighborhood teenager to automatically come to your home when bad weather hits.
  2. Service your heating system. Hypothermia can occur in older adults even when the temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so have your thermostat checked and furnace serviced to make sure they’re functioning properly.
  3. Inspect space heaters. While they can be necessary in case of a heating system failure, space heaters are also a fire hazard, so be sure to check the cords and test them in advance to make sure they’re in good working order.
  4. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Put new batteries in and make sure there are enough units throughout the home.
  5. Be smart about generators. If you have a generator or are thinking about getting one, know how to use it. Never operate it in an enclosed space and make sure it’s at least 20 feet from your home, windows and doors, with the exhaust pointing away from your home.

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4 Reasons to Sell This Winter

Ice-fishing season is open!

And so is the real estate market! You might not think there are “fish” swimming around the pond looking for properties, but au contraire! There are lots of buyers out there fishing for their dream homes this time of year! Open houses were quite busy this past weekend & showing requests are coming in. With inventory very low, now is a great time to list your property!


Inline image 1

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